Nerdmas - Complete

Our Nerdmas special has now finished.
Stay tuned for our next release!

Nerdmas - Complete

Our Nerdmas special has now finished.
Stay tuned for our next release!


Nerds & Virgins

An NFT collection of 10,000 Nerds & Virgins, representing the Cardano Community in a humorous way across multiple seasons exclusively on the Cardano Blockchain. In Season 1, the Nerds & Virgins have just enrolled to Cardano College. Each Nerd has unique traits but they all share 1 thing in common — their virginity!

It’s every Nerds dream to get laid before they graduate, so the Nerds are on the hunt! They are dressed to impress the ladies.... But will they meet the right one?

Nerd Perks

Nerds stereotypically do not have many friends... but we have each other, the Nerds & Virgins Community! We Nerds value loyalty and by showing loyalty, you will be rewarded with a bunch of cool nerdy stuff. Here’s the benefits of ownership:

Ape Crypto

Season 1: Nerds & Virgins

  • Exclusive access to limited releases
  • Exclusive access to EVERY seasonal release
  • EVERY Season Whitelist
  • Chance of rewards via merchandise/physical collectable feature
Coming Soon...


  • Chance to be airdropped “Papa Prizes”
  • Whitelist for the next seasonal season release
Coming Soon...

V Card Raffle

  • 1/20 Chance to be airdropped a “V Card”
  • Whitelist for next limited collection
Coming Soon...

Season 2: Nerds Got Laid

  • Season 3 Whitelist with a Nerd & Virgin held
  • Potential rewards via merchandise/physical collectable feature
  • Exclusive Seasonal Release access
Coming Soon...

Something special... (TBA)

    All rewards are subject to change on community vote*

    The Dream Team

    • Ape Crypto

      Ape Crypto

      Founder and Creator of Nerds CNFT. Everyone’s favorite CNFT Influencer and YouTuber

    • Lucas


      Co-founder of Nerds CNFT and another CNFT fiend. He is our Discord wizard and the brains behind a lot of cool stuff behind our project.

    • Christian


      Founder and Creator of Cardano Kiwis. UX & UI Designer, developer, kiwi.

    • MOA Crypto Ventures

      MOA Crypto

      Specialists in website and minting service for NFT drops, with a combined 40 years of experience in blockchain and web development.

    • NFT Masters

      NFT Masters

      A crew of 3 talented artists from Sri Lanka who have 5 years' experience in designing! They are the masterminds who bring our idea to life.